Why Donate?

The 2016 election season is here and since it’s a Presidential election year there is lots to do. The Garfield County Democrats are setting goals and timelines now.


As always we must meet our basic party obligations mandated by Colorado State Statutes. These include holding precinct caucuses, the county assembly and the county convention amongst other projects. We register new voters, recruit and train our local county, city and school and other board candidates. We engage and inform citizens and work toward turning out Democratic and Unaffiliated voters.


We need your help to see this through!  Remember, even with the large amount of money raised for federal and state campaigns, we get zero dollars. Your contribution to the Garfield County Democrats helps ensure that this process is effective and strong.


Any help we receive from national or state organizations comes from in-kind donations which usually means technical and organizational training and advice.


We all get email and snail-mail solicitations from national organizations. Support your local party first. We work locally 24/7 and operate on a shoestring. Garco Dems are the heavy lifters! Please make a generous donation or commit to a small, monthly amount!  Use our PayPal or ActBlue links or mail to our address :  P.O. Box 2637, Glenwood Springs, CO 81602.


Thank You!