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Uniéndonos a través de nuestras diferencias para asegurar un mejor futuro para todos

Join us in the Silt Hey Days Parade in Silt on Saturday, Aug. 20!


Let's show our communities we are passionate about fighting for a brighter future!

Float-decorating starts at 8:30 am (Cactus Valley Elementary School, 222 Grand Ave, Silt); Parade starts: 10:00 a.m.
We'll have t-shirts, buttons, stickers, and music! Bring a sunhat and water bottle.
RSVP by emailing

We believe:

  • We all deserve the freedom to decide when and if to grow our families.

  • We all deserve the freedom to love and marry whomever we choose.

  • Our children deserve the freedom to attend school without fear of getting shot.

  • We all have the right to live in a safe, clean, and healthy environment.

  • Wealthy corporations and billionaires should pay what they owe.

  • All eligible voters should be able to vote.

The majority of Americans stand with us on these core beliefs – yet MAGA Republican lawmakers are rigging the system, suppressing votes, and pushing their radical agenda to take these things away from us.

Now is the time to elect Democratic leaders who will fight to protect our freedoms, our ecosystems, and our democracy.

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Caring for our kids and calling out hypocrisy

“Elections come and go. Candidates come and go. But I am a Democrat every single day.”

-- A long-time monthly donor to the GarCo Dems

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