Mission of the Garfield County Democrats:

Our mission is to empower Garfield County residents to make positive changes in their lives and our community by engaging in civic action and electing open-minded, forward-thinking leaders at every level of government -- leaders who will work to defend our democracy.

Guiding Principles of the Garfield County Democrats:

By joining together across our differences, we can create a country where:

  • Our water is protected.
  • Our public lands are protected.
  • Healthcare is affordable and accessible to anyone who needs it
  • Everyone who contributes to the community feels welcome and valued
  • A good living is available to those who work hard
  • Our government works for us, not just billionaires

We deserve leaders who...

  • Take proactive steps to address the challenges we face
  • Seek out innovative opportunities for economic development
  • Have the energy and drive to take charge of our future
  • Represent the interests of all constituents, with a solid foundation of empathy and compassion for all human beings.
  • Work for the shared prosperity of us all, not just the wealthiest few

We deserve a brighter future. Together, we can make that happen.


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