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Why support Term Limits for County Commissioners?

Limiting the number of terms a county commissioner can serve has many advantages, including:

  • Elections are more fair and competitive
  • Fresh ideas and perspectives are brought to the table
  • Candidates are evaluated more candidly

Only the commissioners themselves can decide to put this question about term limits on the ballot; state statutes do not allow citizens to petition questions onto the county ballot. We hope you’ll join the Garfield County Democrats in asking our commissioners to put the issue of term limits for county commissioners on the 2024 ballot.

If the voters of Garfield County were to approve a limit of two terms for county commissioners, our current commissioners would still be allowed to serve two additional terms. Currently, Tom Jankovsky is in his 13th year as commissioner; Mike Samson, his 15th year; and John Martin, his 27th year.

More info here: Brand new year, same old ideas; Time for term limits

Sign our petition to urge our County Commissioners to place the question of term limits on the 2024 ballot:

Petition: Term Limits for County Commissioners

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