Garfield County Commissioners need to hear from their constituents!

Board of County Commissioner (BOCC) Meetings

The best way to make your voice heard is by sharing a public comment at their meetings. You can do this in person or via Zoom.

Public Comment times for items not on the agenda are at 8:05 am and at noon or 1:00. (The time of the afternoon public comment session varies.)

You can join the meeting in person at 108 8th St., Room 100, Glenwood Spring.

To join the meeting via Zoom, you must register ahead of time. Go to Garfield County Website / Meetings and click on "view meeting or present." On the day of the meeting, once you’ve logged into the meeting, click on “Raise your hand.” When it’s your turn to speak, your name will be called and you will be unmuted.

Dates, Agendas, and Links for the Commissioner meetings are on the Garfield County Website / Meetings

You can also email the County Commissioners using the links below.

Remember, the commissioners are public servants. It’s their job to listen to their constituents, treat then respectfully, and answer their questions.


Email the County Commissioners

Email Tom Jankovsky

Email John Martin

Email Mike Samson

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