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Top 7 Reasons Why YOU should Join the GarCo Dems Outreach Circle


Outreach Circle can INCREASE VOTER TURNOUT by as much as 20%

Research has found Outreach Circle to be very effective at turning out the vote. Once ballots are sent, Outreach Circle will enable you to identify which people on your personal contact list have turned in their ballots and which people have not.


Friend-to-friend contact is THE MOST EFFECTIVE way to increase voter turnout.

People are much more influenced by people they know than by strangers.


Outreach Circle allows you to personalize your outreach efforts

As a Supporter, you can revise and personalize each message you want to send out, choose which friends you want to contact, and select how you’d like to reach them--by email, text, or social media.


Outreach Circle keeps personal information secure

Since its inception in 2015, Outreach Circle has worked with over 3,000 clients and they’ve had over 30,000 supporters on the platform—and they have had zero security issues. The Garfield County Democrats’ Information Technology Coordinator Jerome Dayton worked as a Software Architect for companies that had contracts with the Department of Defense—he understands the importance of keeping information on the internet secure—and he’s an avid supporter of Outreach Circle.


Outreach Circle keeps track of the contacts being made

Using OC, we will be able to identify which Democratic and left-leaning voters in the county have been contacted by friends via Outreach Circle and which have not. The latter group will comprise the list of people that we will then contact by phone calls, texting, or other means. OC also makes sure that none of your friends are bombarded by messages from GarCo Dem Outreach Circle Supporters.


The social network we build can continue to thrive beyond each election

Typically when a campaign is set up, volunteers are recruited and a supporter database is built--then all of that disappears after the election. In contrast, the supporter network we develop through Outreach Circle will remain beyond this year’s election. We can continue to draw on and build this network to engage people in various advocacy efforts between elections and to give us a jump-start for future elections. 


We need to capitalize on this type of outreach tool before Republicans do

We’re hearing that Republicans are developing similar outreach tools. Rest assured that once they have such a tool, they’ll adopt it like wildfire. Outreach Circle can help us maintain the lead on reaching the most voters.

In order for our Outreach Circle to be effective, we need more people to sign up. The sooner we get more Supporters on board, the more likely it is that we’ll create a network that can reach out to all left-leaning voters before the next election.

Please sign up to be an Outreach Supporter today. And then please help us recruit additional Supporters!


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